Respiratory therapy

Everything for the lungs and healthy breathing

Respiratory therapy can help with Long Covid to improve respiratory function, relieve breathing difficulties and increase overall physical endurance. Here are some respiratory therapy options that can be used for Long Covid:

Respiratory therapy

Breathing exercises: Breathing exercises can help increase lung capacity, strengthen respiratory muscles and improve breathing technique. These include, for example, deep abdominal breathing, lip brake, breath control and breathing stretching. A physical therapist or respiratory therapist can recommend and guide individually tailored exercises.

Respiratory physiotherapy: Respiratory physiotherapy includes specific techniques and exercises aimed at improving respiratory function. These include, for example, coughing up mucus, using breathing equipment such as a respiratory muscle trainer or airway support, and instructions on correct posture when breathing.

Respiratory muscle training: Long Covid can lead to a weakening of the respiratory muscles. Respiratory muscle training can help strengthen muscles and improve breathing performance. This can be achieved by using respiratory muscle trainers or special exercises to strengthen the respiratory muscles.

Breathing relaxation techniques: Relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation or breath visualization can help reduce stress, relax the breathing muscles and deepen breathing.

Breathing control and energy management: Long Covid can cause shortness of breath and rapid exhaustion. Breath control and energy management techniques can help regulate breathing, reduce shortness of breath, and improve physical endurance. This includes learning to match your breathing to the activity and taking breaks to avoid exhaustion.

It is important that respiratory therapy for Long Covid is individualized and carried out under the guidance of a professional. A physical therapist, respiratory therapist, or doctor can recommend the best techniques and exercises to suit individual needs and abilities. Regular practice and patience are important to achieve long-term improvements in respiratory function.

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