Vegetative relaxation

Get rid of the stress

elaxation techniques and stress management play an important role in coping with Long Covid. Here are some techniques  that can be used:

Relaxation techniques and stress management

Progressive Muscle Relaxation: 

Progressive muscle relaxation is a technique in which different muscle groups are tensed and then relaxed one after the other. This helps to relieve physical tension and stress.

Breathing exercises:

Breathing exercises such as deep abdominal breathing or breath control can help calm the mind and reduce stress. Through conscious breathing, the body can be put into a relaxed state.


Meditation is a technique that calms and focuses the mind. This can help relieve stress, reduce anxiety and improve overall well-being. There are different types of meditation, such as mindfulness meditation or guided meditation, that can be used for Long Covid.


Yoga combines physical exercise, breathing and meditation. It can help relax the body, improve flexibility and relieve stress. There are special yoga exercises adapted for people with Long Covid.

Relaxing music 

and sounds: Listening to calming music or sounds can help calm the mind and reduce stress. There are specific pieces of music or sounds designed for relaxation purposes.

Stress management techniques: 

In addition to relaxation techniques, other stress management techniques can also be helpful. This includes, for example, setting priorities, delegating tasks, learning time management techniques and establishing relaxation rituals in everyday life.

Psychotherapy, Coaching, Therapy

It is important that these techniques are used regularly to achieve their full effect. It may also be helpful to seek support from a psychologist Coaches or therapist to develop individual stress management strategies and help deal with the emotional impact of Long Covid.

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a suitable facility and specialized staff from the therapy of psychotherapy, and other relevant areas on the subject of Covid, Long Covid and Post Covid. Take advantage of the option of video therapy or video consultation.