Active against pain

Symptom relief as the goal

Pain can occur with Long Covid, which can be due to various factors. Here are some possible causes of Long Covid pain and possible measures to relieve it

Pain, cause and help


A sustained inflammatory response in the body can lead to pain. Anti-inflammatory medications can help reduce inflammation and therefore relieve pain. It is important to discuss this with a doctor to get the correct medication and dosage.

Muscle and joint pain: 

Muscle and joint pain can occur due to muscle tension, joint inflammation or impaired mobility. Physical therapy, massages, stretching exercises, and exercise therapy can help relax muscles, improve mobility, and reduce pain.

Nerve pain: 

Nerve pain can result from damage or irritation to the nerve fibers. Pain relief medications, such as antidepressants or anticonvulsants, can help reduce nerve pain. A neurological exam can help determine the exact cause of nerve pain and recommend appropriate treatment.


Headaches can be common with Long Covid. Relaxation techniques, stress management, adequate hydration, and pain medications can help relieve headaches. It is important to identify and avoid possible triggers, such as certain foods, stress or certain environmental factors.

Psychological pain:

 Long Covid can also lead to psychological pain, such as anxiety, depression or emotional stress. Psychological support, such as psychotherapy or counseling, can help ease the psychological pain and make it easier to deal with the emotional impact of Long Covid.

It is important that pain in Long Covid is viewed individually and treated holistically. A doctor or pain specialist can determine the exact cause of the pain and recommend appropriate treatment. A combination of drug therapy, physical therapy, relaxation techniques and psychological support can help relieve pain from Long Covid.

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