Improvisation Movement and Performance

Cardiovascular training

Everything for more power

The cardiovascular system is gently trained to improve endurance. Take and give yourself time. Before you start training, discuss with your medical specialist how intensive your training can be.

Start your training with low intensity and duration and increase it slowly and in a controlled manner. Start with short walking distances. Please note that there are emergency seating options on this route.

Interval training is an effective way to improve endurance. Alternate between periods of higher intensity and periods of lower intensity. For example, you can alternate between walking fast for one minute and slow for five minutes.

Monitor your heart rate with a smart health watch, for example. Pay attention to your heart rate during exercise. Discuss your exercise limits with your doctor.

Listen to your body: Pay attention to warning signs of excessive fatigue, such as dizziness or shortness of breath.

Give your body enough time to recover. Rest breaks are just as important as the training itself, be patient with yourself. Take the advice of professionals seriously!

Reprogram muscle strengthening and movements

After a post-Covid illness, it is important to strengthen the muscles and improve movement sequences.

Start the workout slowly and gradually increase the intensity and duration. Overexertion can lead to relapses. Listen to your body and give it enough time to recover.

Focus on a full-body workout that targets all muscle groups. This can include strength training with weights, resistance bands, or your own body weight. It is important to train both the large muscle groups and the small stabilizing muscles.

Be sure to perform the exercises correctly to avoid injury and effectively train the desired muscles. Find a physiotherapist to help you learn the correct technique.

Stretches help to improve the mobility of muscles and joints and counteract shortening.

Give your body time to recover and get stronger. The recovery process can take varying amounts of time, so patience and continued training are important.
Talk to your physical therapist.


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a suitable facility and specialized physiotherapists on the subject of Covid, Long Covid and Post Covid. Take advantage of the option of video therapy or video consultation.


 Physiotherapy plays an important role in restoring movement, muscle strength and endurance in Long Covid. A physical therapist can recommend customized exercises and techniques to strengthen muscles, improve mobility, and increase endurance. This may include performing manual therapy, range of motion exercises, balance training and coordination training.

Occupational therapy:

Occupational therapy focuses on improving everyday life skills. An occupational therapist can help optimize movement patterns and increase muscle strength and endurance through specific exercises and activities. This can include practicing using everyday objects, training fine motor skills or using adaptive aids.

Respiratory Therapy: 

Respiratory therapy can also help in improving endurance in Long Covid. Through targeted breathing exercises and breathing techniques, breathing efficiency can be improved, which leads to better oxygen supply to the muscles and increases endurance performance.

Gradual training: 

With Long Covid, it is important to increase training gradually to avoid overexertion and relapses. A physical therapist or sports therapist can help create an individualized training plan that gradually increases load and strengthens muscles and endurance.

Activity monitoring: 

Monitoring physical activity and endurance can help track progress and adjust training. Activity monitors or fitness trackers can be used to measure and monitor daily activity, heart rate and other parameters.

It is important that these therapeutic approaches are individualized and carried out under the guidance of professionals. A physical therapist, occupational therapist, or sports therapist can recommend the best exercises and techniques to suit individual needs and abilities. Regular training and patience are important to achieve long-term improvements in movement patterns, muscle strength and endurance during Long Covid.

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a suitable facility and specialized physiotherapists on the subject of Covid, Long Covid and Post Covid. Take advantage of the option of video therapy or video consultation.