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Why does social work help?

Social work can play an important role in supporting people with Long Covid. Here are some ways social work can help cope with Long Covid:

Advice and support: 

Social workers can offer emotional support to those affected and their families and help them cope with the psychological stress that can accompany Long Covid. They can also provide information about resources and support services.

Coordination of Services: 

Social workers can help coordinate medical, therapeutic and rehabilitative services. They can help people access the treatment and support they need and ensure that different service providers work together effectively.

Support in adapting to everyday life: 

Social workers can help those affected develop strategies to cope with everyday life with Long Covid. This may include assisting with planning activities, organizing household activities, or adapting the work environment.

Support for social participation: 

Long Covid can lead to social isolation. Social workers can help those affected maintain social contacts or build new social networks. They can also help you apply for support services such as social assistance or disabled-accessible housing.

Awareness and education: 

Social workers can help increase awareness of Long Covid in society and reduce prejudice and stigma. You can organize training and information sessions to improve understanding of the needs of people with Long Covid.

It is important to note that social work support should be individualized to meet each individual's specific needs and challenges. Social workers often work in interdisciplinary teams with other professionals to ensure comprehensive support.

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In the wake of the Corona pandemic, numerous legal questions have arisen in the areas of social law and patient rights. These questions concern both the social security of those affected and their rights as patients. In such cases, it is important to know who represents the interests of those affected and what assistance is available.

In the area of ​​social law, the social insurance providers and social welfare offices are primarily responsible. They are responsible for ensuring the social security of those affected. In the case of Corona, for example, questions may arise about short-time work, unemployment benefits or health insurance. Here the social insurance providers can provide information and support you with the application.

There are also specialized lawyers and advice centers who work in the area of ​​social law. They can help with more complex legal questions or disputes with social security providers. These experts know the current laws and regulations and can represent the interests of those affected.

In the area of ​​patient rights, patient representatives and patient advice centers are particularly important contacts. They advocate for patients' rights and support them with questions and problems related to their medical care. Especially in times of Corona, questions may arise about medical treatment, vaccination or the handling of personal data. The patient representatives and advice centers can provide information here and mediate in the event of conflicts.

There are also lawyers specializing in patient law who can assist with legal questions or disputes. They know the legal framework and can represent the interests of patients.

For the patient, this means that they are not alone with their legal questions and problems. There are various institutions and experts who can help him exercise his rights and represent his interests. It is important to contact the appropriate authorities early on to receive support and avoid possible legal conflicts.

Recognition of Covid-19 illnesses as occupational diseases BGW

People who are insured with BGW and become infected with SARS-CoV-2 and become ill with Covid-19 during their insured activity are protected by statutory accident insurance. This also applies to possible long-term consequences and even if symptoms only appear at a later point in time (long/post-Covid). Unfortunately, legal advice on this topic is often necessary. Employees in the health service or welfare services have a significantly higher risk of infection than employees in other sectors. It is very important that illnesses are reported early. However, it is difficult to prove such an infection. 
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Occupational disease or accident at work

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