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Dear Long Covid professionals in the medical, therapeutic professions and  related professions

We are pleased to announce that our websites www.physio-long-covid. de and https://www.physio-online-sprechstunde.de are under construction. We would like to point out that work on the pages is ongoing and is therefore in change mode. We ask for your understanding for any incompleteness or changes during the development process.

Your feedback is very important to us! We welcome any feedback you can give us regarding the website. Your suggestions and suggestions help us to continually improve the site and adapt it to your needs.

It is very important that you register on our website as therapists, docters and professionals in the relevant list. Through your participation, we will together ensure optimal care for patients suffering from Long Covid. Their expertise and support are essential to providing those affected with the best possible care and treatment.

Everyone and every expertise is welcome to be listed on our list, regardless of whether they use PhysiOnline and the corresponding advantages.

We would like to thank you very much for your interest and cooperation. Together we can make a valuable contribution to overcoming Long Covid. If you have any questions or concerns, we are available to you at any time.

You can join our register here:
We create job-specific lists that those affected can view later.
Best regards,

The PhysiOnline team


My video therapy not just specifically with covid

With PhysiOnline for customers straight home

Made not just for physiotherapists but for all therapists and professionals in the medical sector and related professions 

  • Training - introduction to online therapy
  • Online video therapy for private clients and private lessons with daily delivery, quality and quality
  • Long Covid specialist lists sorted by specialist area - so customers know who can help

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